Functional Genomics

The Functional Genomics Facility is the Garvan’s and The Kinghorn Cancer Centre (TKCC)’s latest addition. The facility allows users to conduct unbiased screens for genes or drugs that regulate various cell biological processes. It runs as a “research driven, staff assisted” model.

High-Content Imaging

Essen IncuCyte Zoom The IncuCyte brings together an efficient and thorough set of solutions for long-term, live-cell imaging. This imaging method allows you to expand the ways you document and understand cellular growth, behaviour, and morphology. In addition, it provides an effective kinetic read-out solution for the next generation of in vitro biological assays.

Thermo ArrayScan VTI We have access to a Thermo ArrayScan VTI high content microscopic imager equipped with a CatalystXpress Robot accessing a plate hotel and an automated Cytomat (CO2 incubator). High content imaging uses fluorescence-based reagents, advanced optical imaging instrumentation and sophisticated image analysis software to quantitatively analyse physiological processes in cells. A range of real time and end-point assays are feasible, including cell number, proliferation, apoptosis, cell size, shape and viability measures, cell migration and invasion.

Liquid Handling

Caliper Zephyr A Caliper Zephyr liquid handling robot is available for all transfections, liquid handling and other specialty applications.

Biotek EL406 equipped with a Biostack 3 Biotek EL406 and the Biostack3 allow users to aspirate and dispense media, cells, fixative, stains and drugs.

ORFeome Library

Garvan/TKCC users have access to the human ORFeome V8.1 (2011 release) library and high throughput cloning. A variety of expression vectors are also available.

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