Genome Editing

Mouse Engineering at Garvan/ABR (MEGA) offers an integrated service to generate novel GM mouse lines quickly and cost-effectively using CRISPR/Cas9 technology.

CRISPR/Cas9 technology produces rapid, targeted genetic modifications including single nucleotide mutations, constitutive knockouts or insertions. The comprehensive service includes:

  • project consultation
  • strategy design
  • sgRNA and Cas9 mRNA preparation
  • microinjection
  • embryo transfer
  • production of founder mice

Pups are screened at 2-3 weeks of age for the presence of the genetic modification.

For more information about the MEGA service please visit the ABR website.

The Garvan Institute operates under strict ethical guidelines. We only use animals in research programs that are of the highest quality and where no alternatives are available. All such work is carried out under licences issued by the Garvan/St Vincent’s Animal Ethics Committee (AEC). The AEC ensures that the use of animals is justified, taking into consideration the scientific or educational benefits and the potential effects on the welfare of the animals. Read more about our policy on animals in research here.