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Victor Chang

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute is dedicated to finding cures for cardiovascular disease and is one of the most respected heart research facilities in the world. Renowned for the quality of its breakthroughs, the Victor Chang Institute uses innovative transplantation techniques, and conducts complex molecular and genetic analysis. A global centre-of-excellence, it integrates advanced stem cell research, regenerative medicine, and bio-engineering with cutting edge technologies. At the Victor Chang Institute, we rapidly translate our discoveries into new diagnostics, preventions and treatment of cardiovascular disease - reducing the incidence, severity and impact of heart disease.

Heart disease remains the single biggest killer of all Australians. Our world class scientists are striving to make discoveries which could help prevent the deaths of millions of men, women and children every year.

Dr Victor Chang, AC (1936 – 1991)

Dr Victor Chang was one of Australia’s most gifted heart surgeons, a pioneer of modern heart transplant surgery and a humanitarian. Dr Chang was passionate about the power of discovery. He had a bold vision to establish a world-class medical research facility, knowing that while he could save hundreds of lives through surgery, he could save millions more through research.

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Key Discoveries and Successes

Many of Australia's breakthroughs in heart health have happened at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. For example, in 2009, Victor Chang Institute researchers developed a world-first technique that would double the time a donor heart can live outside the body, up to 14 hours.

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