Palliative Care & Rehabilitation

“Palliative and Rehabilitative Care, at Sacred Heart from its pioneering beginnings, has continued to lead the way through acclaimed service and academic development in NSW. We have always been able to add that crucially important personal, compassionate and holistic touch to an ever increasing technology focused care to allow patients and their families to maximise their potential to live, to experience, to love, to give...and ultimately to enjoy”.

Associate Professor Richard Chye
Grad Cert Mngt, Director, Sacred Heart Palliative Care
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine UNSW

St Vincent’s has developed specialist expertise in caring for patients during some of the most challenging times of their lives.

Through the work of Sacred Heart, which provides inpatient and community based palliative care services and outreach clinics to rural NSW, St Vincent’s is recognised as a leader in the provision of compassionate, end of life care.

St Vincent’s is also recognised for its expertise in rehabilitation, with Sacred Heart providing a range of inpatient, ambulatory care and rural outreach programs for those seeking to regain their independence following illness or surgery.