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Citizen Scientist

Citizen Scientist is an interactive research community, known as the Research Access and Information Network (RAIN).

RAIN is a research resource developed by Professor Kay Wilhelm and Ross Craze for the Urban Mental Health and Wellbeing Research Centre at St Vincent’s Hospital. 

You are invited to become a RAINmaker and become part of an active and informed research community.  This is intended to increase access for people (patients, their families, staff and students and any other interested parties) to the following:

  • information about research in general and projects in their areas of interest;
  • opportunities to participate as subjects, normal controls, volunteers and people with lived experience in relevant research and projects;
  • feedback about these projects, when available;
  • opportunities to participate in conversations about research, including providing feedback on intended or existing projects and advocacy for new projects.

Under the following link you will find and explanatory consent form, an opportunity to register your health-related priorities and interest in the network, complete a lifestyle check, with personalised feedback.

This is just a start and we hope the concept will blossom.  You can be part of making that happen and all feedback welcomed.

Please see: