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When we exercise, our muscles and other organs communicate via "vesicles"

10 Jan 2018

Garvan researchers have shown, for the first time, that exercise allows the body’s tissues to communicate with each other using tiny protein-filled packages known as vesicles.

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Long-term survivors of pancreatic cancer have ‘built-in immunotherapy’

9 Nov 2017

In long-term survivors of pancreatic cancer, the immune system sees the cancer as an infectious disease – and so is empowered to attack and destroy tumour cells, according to findings published today in Nature. The Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative, which includes one of the world’s largest cohorts of long-term pancreatic cancer survivors, contributed crucial information to the study.

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Breakthrough breast cancer drug targets a major type of pancreatic cancer

1 Nov 2017

A newly approved breast cancer drug could be highly effective against some forms of pancreatic cancer, including metastatic cancer, Australian researchers have found.

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