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DreamLab app speeding up Garvan’s cancer research

24 Oct 2017

The DreamLab app, a distributed smartphone supercomputer, is now available on iOS and Android. Garvan and The Vodafone Foundation are now calling one million Australians to download the app and contribute to Garvan’s cancer research.

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Blockchain tech: Garvan partners with E-Nome

11 Oct 2017

Garvan has signed a memorandum of understanding with E-Nome Pty Ltd, an Australian technology startup driving the application of blockchain technology to the secure storage of health records. Together, Garvan and E-Nome will assess the potential of the E-Nome platform for the secure storage of genomic information.

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Biosensor mouse lights up health and disease

6 Oct 2017

Garvan researchers have developed a biosensor mouse that gives a real-time readout of the rapidly changing ‘skeleton’ within cells. The researchers have watched cells respond dynamically to their surrounding environment in living tissues during development and disease progression, including in invasive breast and pancreatic cancer.

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