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We inherit more than DNA: the extra blueprint layer we can’t live without

14 Jul 2017

An international study has provided compelling evidence that we inherit more than a DNA blueprint from our mothers and fathers – we also inherit vital instructions on how to use that blueprint.

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Promising new therapeutic approach rebuilds and strengthens bones in multiple myeloma

30 Jun 2017

Garvan researchers demonstrate that a new therapeutic approach increases bone strength and resistance to fractures in multiple myeloma bone disease

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“We’re seeing things we’ve never seen before”: peering deeper into the ‘matrix’

13 Jun 2017

University of Copenhagen researchers – including Dr Thomas Cox, who now leads a group in Garvan’s Cancer Division – have developed an intuitive new way to dissolve cells away from tissues and tumours. The new approach makes it possible to view the extracellular matrix that surrounds cells in unprecedented detail.

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