AMR grants & funding

St Vincent’s Centre for Applied Medical Research is a member of the Darlinghurst Research Hub and strives to support and develop the exceptional research talent on this campus. St Vincent’s Hospital is recognised as one of Australia’s leading technologically advanced teaching hospitals providing healthcare which is informed by medical and health research.

The St Vincent’s Centre for Applied Medical Research is committed to:

  • Excellence in biomedical research. The Centre engages in fundamental scientific research in the fields of immunology and cell biology with relevance to allergy, inflammatory disease, cancer and HIV/AIDS. Collaborative projects link these studies to clinical trials, in particular HIV/AIDS Disseminating the results of this research widely to the medical and scientific community and to the general public Undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate training and teaching Providing the highest standards of diagnostic service and patient care in accordance with the Mission of St. Vincent's Hospital

AMR Grants Program

The AMR Grants Program application process has been streamlined through the existing St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation Research Grants process.

To make an application to the St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation Research Grants (for research with a focus on improving clinical care), please visit: or download the St Vincent's Clinic Foundation Research Grants poster here.

Inclusive Health Grants

SVHAs Inclusive Health Strategy is guided the core values of Compassion, Justice, Integrity and Excellence. An important enabler of this is SVHA’s Inclusive Health Innovation Fund (IHIF). This fund provides resources to engage and support clinician driven projects for SVHA staff passionate about improving outcomes for the poor and vulnerable. 

These grants will be administered as part of the AMR Translational Research Grants and Clinician Buy Back Grants programs (below).

To apply, please use the 2018 St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation Research Grants Application Form

Translational Research Grants

The aim of these grants are to promote translation research, particularly in its early phase. This is envisaged to support salary, equipment and research consumable costs to assist early stage healthcare researchers to participate directly in research projects as a component of their professional career. These grants are intended for early stage researchers to mobilise a translational research project to publication with a view to attracting further funding from other peer reviewed grant agencies (e.g. NHMRC, non-government organisations).

There are three grants intended to seed fund projects that have a clear project trajectory to improve clinical practice. There will be a major grant ($50,000) and two additional grants ($25,000) per annum. Each Grant is for one year duration. 

Inclusive Health Innovation Fund (IHIF) supports a further five (5) grants of $40,000 per annum for research projects involving social justice.

To apply, please use the 2018 St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation Research Grant Application Form

Clinician By-back Scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to ‘Buy-Out’ protected clinical time to engage in research activities. This is defined as providing funding to clinicians to do research, by either obtaining time to spend on research by foregoing clinical work, or by substituting another practitioner to fulfil clinical duties with the hospital, so that research can be undertaken. In 2017, the Inclusive Health Innovation Fund (IHIF) will support clinician ‘Buy-Out’ for research projects involving social justice.

To apply, please use the 2018 AMR Clinician Buy-Back Grant Application Form

Small Equipment Grant

The purpose of this grant is to support the purchase of research equipment that might provide benefit and improve our understanding of the research/disease/condition. Proposals should demonstrate collaboration or highlight how the equipment could benefit other researchers on the campus as a shared asset.

To apply, please use the 2018 AMR Small Equipment Grant Application Form

St Vincent’s Student Scholarship (Top-Up) Scheme

St Vincent’s Centre for Applied Medical Research (AMR) is pleased to offer a scholarship supplementation or 'top-up' scheme whereby recipients are topped up through the Graduate Research School at the University of New South Wales or the Scholarships Office at Sydney University. This scheme is to provide financial support to science graduates where the scholarship is the primary source of income.

Eligibility criteria and conditions of scheme:

  1. Recipient of a peer reviewed NHMRC/RTP (Research Training Program, formerly known as APA), or equivalent scholarship and be enrolled in an approved post graduate program and be affiliated with an existing research program within St Vincent’s Healthcare Network (SVHN).
  2. The total scholarship income including the AMR top-up must not exceed $32,500 p.a. All other forms of income (either from employment or scholarships) must be declared in your application. Top-ups that exceed the $32,500 threshold (i.e. the entire top-up amount above the base scholarship rate) are ineligible under this scheme.
  3. At least 50% of the applicants’ time must be engaged in healthcare, including laboratory research at an entity of SVHN.
  4. The conditions of a NHMRC/RTP or equivalent scholarship must be complied with. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that he/she does not violate any conditions of his/her base scholarship in receiving the AMR top-up.
  5. Students with Medical qualifications holding medical scholarships are not eligible. The aim of this scholarship program is to top up healthcare research students who generally receive scholarships of approximately $26K.
  6. Renewal of this scheme is assessed on an annual basis and is dependent on the budget of AMR. Students awarded a top-up in one year are not guaranteed to be topped up in following years.

For further enquiries or applications, please contact Elizabeth Guirgius via email