Research Symposium 2020

17th and 18th September 2020

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On behalf of the organising committee it is a pleasure to invite you to the first Virtual St Vincent’s Campus Research Symposium (SVCRS) to be held on the 17th and 18th September during Research Week.

On its 28th edition this event brings together the brightest minds across the Campus to share their research with peers. It involves a great coming together of prominent basic molecular science and clinical healthcare researchers and practitioners from across the St Vincent’s Research Campus. This is an outstanding opportunity for campus staff and visitors to celebrate some of the country’s finest medical research and healthcare innovation.

This year the program will focus on 2 broad research fields, COVID19 and Neurology, facilitated by Dr Gail Matthews, Prof Bruce Brew, Dr Stephen Tisch and Dr Antony Cooper, as well as poster and fast forward presentations. Abstracts from all disciplines are welcomed and the top scored ones will have the opportunity to be presented in the flash presentation session.

This year, the Keynote presentation will be given by Prof. Jason Kovacic, Executive Director of Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.

To Register follow this link.

After you register you can access the website and sign up here.

To submit an Abstract, follow this link.

Looking forward to seeing you at the virtual event.

28th St Vincent’s Campus Committee Members

Melissa Mangala (VCCRI), Chair

Alex Viardot (Garvan)

Thuy Huynh (UNSW)

Etienne Masle-Farquhar (Garvan)

John Zaunders (AMR)

Sri Meka (AMR)

Valentin Romanov (VCCRI)

James Walshe (VCCRI)

Kathryn Wolhuter (VCCRI)

Eindra Aung (UNSW)

Terry Campbell (AMR)

Key Contacts


Valentin Romanov

Chair of the Organising committee

Melissa Mangala

Gold Sponsors