Research Symposium 2019

27 September 2019

Transformation Through Translation

The St Vincent’s Research Symposium has been held annually for over 25 years and brings together the brightest minds across the Campus to share their research with peers. It involves a great coming together of prominent healthcare researchers from across the St Vincent’s Research Campus and our academic partners.

This is an outstanding opportunity for campus staff and visitors to celebrate some of the country’s finest medical research and healthcare innovation. This year the program will focus on 2 broad research fields of Cancer Research and Cardiovascular Research as well as the usual poster and fast forward presentations.

We are excited about this refreshed program which will have a large input from senior clinicians as well as basic science researchers on this campus to foster Transformation Through Translation.

27th St Vincent’s Campus Symposium Organising Committee Members

David Gallego Ortega (Garvan), Chair

Alex Viardot (Garvan)

Melissa Mangala (VCCRI)

Ashlee Grierson (SVH)

Chris Stanley (VCCRI)

Etienne Masle-Farquhar (Garvan)

Kate Merlin (AMR)

John Zaunders (AMR)

Mitch Starr (AMR)

Matthew Summers (Garvan)

Terry Campbell (AMR)

Key Contacts


Melissa Mangala

Chair of the Organising committee

David Gallego-Ortega

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