13th September 2018

7th Annual St. Vincent’s Research Campus Post Doc Symposium

8-9 am


9-10.30 am

Session 1

9-9.15 am

Opening by PDDC Co-Chairs Dr Maria Findeisen and Dr David Herrmann

9.15-9.45 am

Oral Talks (2x15min) Chair: Dr Maria Findeisen

9.15-9.30 am

Dorit Samocha-Bonet (Garvan). Novel circulating biomarkers identify insulin resistance phenotypes in obesity.

9.30-9.45 am

Liz Caldon (TKCC/Garvan). Cyclin E2 promotes, but cyclin E1 opposes, genome instability via rereplication in cancer cells.

9.45-10.30 am

PLENARY: Dr Andy Philp (Garvan). Live strong and prosper – the role of skeletal muscle in healthy ageing.

10.30-11 am

Morning Tea

11 am-12 pm

Session 2

11am -12 pm

Flash Talks (7x7minutes) Chair: Dr Jessica Chitty

11-11.07 am

RRules of engagement for Flash Talks.

11.07-11.14 am

Hananeh Fonoudi (VCCRI). Dissecting Molecular Causation of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

11.14-11.21 am

Hartmut Cuny (VCCRI). NAD deficiency induced by gene-environment interactions as a cause of congenital malformation.

11.21-11.28 am

Christopher Stanley (VCCRI). Singlet molecular oxygen regulates vascular tone and blood pressure in inflammation.

11.28-11.35 am

Melissa Mangala (VCCRI). Investigating population variability using high throughput electrophysiological phenotyping of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes.

11.35-11.42 am

Max Nobis (Garvan/TKCC). Intravital optical window imaging of RhoA-, Rac1- and Akt-FRET biosensor mice monitoring drug treatment response in cancer.

11.42-11.49 am

Weerachai Jaratlerdsiri (Garvan). Whole genome sequencing reveals elevated tumor mutational burden and initiating driver mutations in African men with treatment-naive high-risk prostate cancer.

11.49-11.56 am

Stephanie Kong (VCCRI). Inhibition of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Migration by Enzymatically-Active, Truncated Heme Oxygenase-1.

12-1.30 pm

Lunch: Poster Session. Poster Marking 12:30-1:30pm.

1.30-2.45 pm

Session 3

1.30-2.45 pm

Oral Talks (5x15min) Chair: Dr Niall Byrne

1.30-1.45 pm

Anita Ayer (VCCRI). A potential novel pathway to regulate cellular concentrations of the essential lipid coenzyme Q.

1.45-2.00 pm

David Cheng (VCCRI). Myeloperoxidase is a potential molecular imaging and therapeutic target for the identification and stabilization of high-risk atherosclerotic plaque.

2.00-2.15 pm

Aude Dorison (VCCRI). Unravelling the fate of cardiac Pdgfra+ cells in healthy and injured mouse hearts using single cell RNA-seq.

2.15-2.30 pm

Dana Bluic (Garvan). Cognitive decline is associated with an accelerated rate of bone loss and increased fracture risk in elderly population.

2.30-2.45 pm

Dimuthu Alankarage (VCCRI). Identification of clinically actionable variants from genome sequencing of families with CHD.

2.45-3.15 pm

Afternoon tea

3.15-4.45 pm

Session 4

3.15-3.45 pm

Oral Talks (2x15min) Chair: Dr Sandy Stayte

3.15-3.30 pm

Simon Junankar (TKCC/Garvan). DNA barcoding demonstrates immuno-editing of metastatic breast cancer cells at the clonal level.

3.30-3.45 pm

Ralph Patrick (VCCRI). Decoding the identity and flux of cardiac cells in injury and homeostasis at single-cell resolution.

3.45-4.45 pm

PLENARY: Dr Joanne Reed (Garvan, Young Garvan Award Winner 2017). Age-associated B cells: the ABC’s of autoimmune disease.

4.45-5.00 pm

Closing Remarks and Prizes

5.00 pm onwards

Drinks reception

14th September 2018

26th St. Vincent’s Campus Research Symposium

8-8.45 am


8.45-10.20 am

Session 1

8.45-9.00 am

Opening: Prof Terry Campbell

9.00-9.50 am

Oral Talks (5x10min) Chair: Dr John Zaunders

9.00-9.10 am

Mitchell Starr (AMR). An innovative HIV testing initiative: the NSW dried blood spot self-sampling HIV testing pilot program.

9.10-9.20 am

Michelle Isaacs (SVHA). Retrospective review of 64 patients with amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis.

9.20-9.30 am

Amanda Hui Min Hor (Garvan). Gastric emptying rate and the safety of GLP-1 receptor agonists in Prader-Willi syndrome.

9.30-9.40 am

Sarah Alexandrou (TKCC/Garvan). Mechanisms underpinning resistance to CDK4/6 inhibition in ER+ breast cancer.

9.40-9.50 am

Oliver Skinner (Garvan). Lack of protein prenylation promotes the assembly of NLRP3-dependent inflammasomes in a cell culture model of mevalonate kinase deficiency (MKD).

9.50-10.20 am

Plenary: Prof Geraint Rogers (South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute). The influence of the human microbiome on healthy ageing

10.20-11.00 am

Morning tea

11 am-12.30 pm

Session 2

11-11.50 am

Oral Talks (5x10min) Chair: Dr David Hermann

11-11.10 am

Thao Phuong Ho-Le (Garvan). Post-Fracture Mortality: A latent class analysis of multimorbidities.

11.10-11.20 am

Angela Sheu (Garvan). Visceral fat and insulin resistance is associated with lower bone turnover.

11.20-11.30 am

Siobhan Loughnan (SVHA). Gaining ‘MUMENTUM’: two randomised controlled trials evaluating brief internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy for perinatal anxiety and depression.

11.30-11.40 am

Sunny Wu (Garvan). Landscape of the breast cancer tumour microenvironment using single-cell RNA sequencing.

11.40-11.50 am

Maria Findeisen (Garvan). The acute glucose lowering effect of IC7Fc is dependent upon functional pancreatic secretion.

11.50-12.30 pm

Fast Forward Session (12×3 min) Chair: Dr Thomas Cox

11.50-11.53 am

Alexander Viardot (SVHA). Diabetes outreach clinic for the homeless: Experience and outcomes over a 3 years period.

11.53-11.56 am

Kendelle Murphy (TKCC/Garvan). Personalised medicine approach in pancreatic cancer reveals fine-tuned stromal FAK manipulation improves global response to gemcitabine and Abraxane, while sensitising circulating tumour cells to shear stress in transit.

11.56-11.59 am

Ha Mai (Garvan). Fractures and fracture-associated mortality attributable to low bone mineral density and advancing age: a time-variant analysis.

11.59-12.02 pm

Kevin Hendrawan (AMR). CD39+ T regulatory cell reconstitution in Multiple Sclerosis patients undergoing autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

12.02-12.05 pm

Krista Siefried (SVHA). Hospitalisations over a year of follow-up in adults living with HIV.

12.05-12.08 pm

John Zaunders (AMR). Mapping the heterogeneity of CCR5+ CD4 T cells by high dimensional flow cytometry.

12.08-12.11 pm

Ann-Kristin Altekoester (VCCRI). Functional analysis of a novel cardiac specific lncRNA..

12.11-12.14 pm

Joel Lasschuit (Garvan). Reliability of Calcaneal Quantitative Ultrasound: a prelude to use in acute Charcot neuropathic osteoarthropathy.

12.14-12.17 pm

Jennifer Massey (SVHA). Immune reconstitution following autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation for multiple sclerosis is driven by sustained thymic reactivation.

12.17-12.20 pm

Margaret Mouat (VCCRI). Cardiovascular health of young and aged mice lacking the cardioprotective GPCR, GPR37L1.

12.20-12.23 am

Kailun Lee (Garvan). XBP1 is required for β-cell compensation during metabolic stress.

12.23-12.26 pm

Katherine Tonks (Garvan). Individualised multidisciplinary management of gestational diabetes with protocolised frequent follow-up results in fewer neonatal special care nursery admissions in private practice.

12.30-2.10 pm

Lunch: Poster Session. Poster Marking 12.50-2.00 pm (Please remove all posters BEFORE afternoon session)

2.10-3.10 pm

Session 3

2.10-3.10 pm

Rising Stars (3×20 min) Chair: A/Prof Alex Viardot

2.10-2.30 pm

Sophie Stocker (AMR). Optimising the use of vancomycin – using therapeutic drug monitoring to achieve precision medicine.

2.30-2.50 pm

Ira Deveson (Garvan). Chiral DNA sequences as reference standards for clinical genomics.

2.50-3.10 pm

Charles Cox (VCCRI). Using the force: Piezo channels as molecular reporters of mechanical forces.

3.10-3.30 pm

Afternoon break

3.30-5.00 pm

Session 4

3.30-4.00 pm

PLENARY. Chair: Dr Chris Stanley
Prof Gemma Figtree. (University of Sydney, Northern Clinical School, Kolling Institute of Medical Research, Charles Perkins Centre).

Improving early risk stratification and targeted preventative management of atherosclerosis for healthy ageing.

4.00-4.45 pm

Panel Discussion on ‘Healthy Ageing’. Chair: A/Prof Roger Chen. Panel members: A/Prof Andrew Jabbour, Prof Geraint Rogers, Dr Joanne Reed, and Dr Andy Philp

4.45-5.00 pm

Closing Remarks and Prizes, Chair: Prof Bob Graham

5.00-7.00 pm

Cocktail Function