This seminar is aimed at biomedical researchers who have had limited experience with biostatistics.

The seminar format will be 3 sessions with each session consisting of a 40 minute talk followed by 20 minutes of individual/small group exercises.


Session 1:

Pragmatic versus controlled trials”
This session will be about distinguishing pragmatic trials from controlled trials, and the methologic challenges of each


A/Prof Stephen Kerr
The Kirby Institute, University of New South Wales


Session 2:

“Endpoints, analysis methods and interpretation in biomedical research”
This session will review the most common endpoints used in biomedical research (continuous endpoints and proportions), the appropriate analysis methods for each, and how to interpret the analysis results


Dr Zhixin Liu

Stats Central, University of New South Wales


Session 3:

“Systematic reviews and meta-analysis”
Systematic reviews and meta-analysis are appearing with increasing frequency in the biomedical literature. This session will review the key features of systematic reviews, discuss the differences between fixed and random effects meta-analyses, and discuss the interpretation of study results


Professor Janaki Amin

Health Systems and Populations, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Macquarie University


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